LOTD: August 21

Lifehacker points to a great screencast on how to use WordPress The Baltimore Sun‘s Hanah Cho has a great item about using technology in the presence of others, and what might be going too far BusinessWeek‘s Karen Klein makes a case for a company blog, even for internal use VOTE: Fast Company asks “Do company… Read More

LOTD: August 15

Now, you can use your Google account for Blogger, and that system is now running with some nifty new features, in Beta, of course. Adam @ Lifehacker seems a bit pleased, stating that it will hopefully make the platform a bit more useful. It’s all about the access. Over at the Google Base blog, we… Read More

Get your mantra on

There’s been quite a bit of posting being done lately on other blogs about their “mantras” or other things that you should never say or always find yourself saying. It’s basically been a big, funny opportunity for people who are obviously comedy writers at heart to have some fun while also embedding nuggets of wisdom.… Read More