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Book Review: The Art of Hammer

As I said in my review of the coffee-table book The Art of Drew Struzan, the art of creating movie posters is something that's been lost in recent decades, with that decline speeding up in the last decade or so as studios gravitate toward photographs that are mashed together or altered slightly to look more … Continue reading Book Review: The Art of Hammer

The Making of The Empire Strikes Back trailer

Yeah, it's a trailer for a book and some people's tolerance for this is low, but how can I pass up a chance to show off some cool Empire Strikes Back footage.

Ebert back at the movies

Talk about a cool announcement: Roger Ebert is reviving the At the Movies franchise with a few twists: The Eberts said the new program will air in January 2011, and in addition to reviewing new movies will expand into coverage of New Media, special segments on classics, on-demand viewing and genres, and an extended website. … Continue reading Ebert back at the movies


Take a minute today and consider how much, and in what context, we all use the word "sacrifice" in our daily lives. And hoist at least one of the beers you'll have today to the men and women who have found their eternal reward in the defense of our freedom.


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