Getting a Fresh Start on Action Items

Yesterday I pulled out a new notebook to use as a bullet journal. The previous one had lasted me from October of last year through, well, yesterday. While I didn't execute the system perfectly - I often didn't create new entries for each day or would take one of a few other shortcuts - the … Continue reading Getting a Fresh Start on Action Items


Remembering a Mission to Ord Mantell

Before the Star Wars Expanded Universe was really a thing - which to my reckoning means before the publication of Heir to the Empire in 1991 - there were only a few stories here and there that allowed fans like myself to enjoy the continued adventures of Han, Luke, Leia and the rest of the … Continue reading Remembering a Mission to Ord Mantell


Great story on user experience and how it influences the consumer. IHOP has a new menu, and now customers are spending more. That’s not a coincidence: The new menu was carefully designed to encourage diners to order more. It’s like a Jedi mind trick that gets customers to order a side of bacon. via How … Continue reading IHOP UX FTW

We’re fat because our neighborhoods are designed poorly

This is fascinating: When designers try to maximize the number of cul-de-sacs in an area, they create a dendritic—or treelike—system of roads that feeds all their traffic into a few main branches. The system makes just about every destination farther away because it eliminates the most direct routes between them. Connectivity counts: More intersections mean … Continue reading We’re fat because our neighborhoods are designed poorly

Transmedia rules

Solid list of thoughts for people who may be considering some form of transmedia component to their next book, movie or whatever. Go read the whole thing: Transmedia storytelling affords even modest productions the ability to be extended to touch points that would not ordinarily be available to the filmmakers. If you have integrity as … Continue reading Transmedia rules

All those little symbols mean something. Huh.

This is fascinating. This handy infographic, Origins of Common UI Symbols, was put together by Sofya Yampolsky, Warm Gun, and 500 Startups to explain just that. And even self-professed tech geeks will learn something. via The Esoteric Symbols Behind User Interfaces, Explained | Co.Design | business + design.

Christmas 2012

Sometimes you just have to belt those Christmas hymns because the Truth of Christ's coming into the world and the promise of what it means is all that's keeping you going.

Innovation and disruption are two very different things

A recent Fast Company story makes the casethat big companies are essentially incapable of churning out new, hugely innovative products. Questioning the status quo, cutting costs, eliminating hassles, bypassing middle-men, and removing fees certainly go a long way. But being naïve, clueless or wildly--and perhaps inappropriately--ambitious also helps. I know the point he’s trying to … Continue reading Innovation and disruption are two very different things

The war between the states

When I was in junior high or so - 20+ years ago - I remember the thinking being prevalent that the Civil War wasn't so much about slavery but about state's rights. It's interesting, then, that the pendulum is starting to come back around and people are pointing out that yes, state's rights were the … Continue reading The war between the states

If I had one wish this Christmas season…