Turns out Twitter can’t just delete single Tweets that violate its TOS, it can only suspend accounts. That doesn’t make how it seems to only apply those rules to high-profile accounts and not the army of vile, racist, sexist animals that bully women and people of color off the platform, but…no, actually that’s it.

Facebook isn’t just having a profound impact on democracy, it’s affecting the whole of society, from voting to commerce to social activism to every other facet of life. And it’s doing so unchecked by any regulation, moral compass or commitment to the public good.

The biggest change public education needs to make to adapt to a world where facts are instantly retrievable is to teach media literacy, otherwise those seeking to subvert society will only grow more powerful.

While the addition of social media adds a twist, the idea of brands enlisting student street teams to promote products on college campuses isn’t exactly new.

I like the accountability that’s baked into The New York Times’ updated social media policies for staffs but there are scores of other issues I’ll weigh in on at some point.