Band Aid

  • Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally and Fred Armisen have made a fun music video – including faux behind-the-scenes footage – to keep the Band Aid buzz going on.

Wonder Woman

  • John McCarthy at The Drum outlines some of the bigger beats in the marketing of the movie in more detail than I offered.

The Mummy

  • I didn’t mention this before, but the writing on the wall for the movie really appeared when most all of the press generated by Tom Cruise’s publicity tour was about the coming sequel to Top Gun, not the movie he was actually promoting. Had to kill Universal that their movie release cycle was mostly generating early buzz for a Paramount property.
  • Twitter has announced Wonder Woman is the most-Tweeted about movie of 2017 so far, with various sub-points to that news. Would also be interesting to see some sentiment analysis done around those numbers.