Picking up the Spare: Band Aid, Wonder Woman

Band Aid Zoe Lister-Jones, Adam Pally and Fred Armisen have made a fun music video - including faux behind-the-scenes footage - to keep the Band Aid buzz going on. Wonder Woman John McCarthy at The Drum outlines some of the bigger beats in the marketing of the movie in more detail than I offered. The … Continue reading Picking up the Spare: Band Aid, Wonder Woman

Movie Marketing Madness: The Mummy

Universal is trying once more to revitalize its catalog of classic monsters with this week’s The Mummy. No, this isn’t a straight reboot of the 90’s film series starring Brendan Frasier and eventually The Rock. It’s a new story starring Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe and others that brings the franchise into the present day and … Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Mummy