Beatriz at Dinner

Mostly, though, the campaign shows just how toxic political discourse has become. Oddly, though, it doesn’t try to defuse that at all, it shows that it must eventually come to a head and lead to hurt feelings and strained relationships. Some of the things coming out of Lithgow’s mouth sound like exact comments from Trump surrogates on the campaign trail and some of the lines from Hayek are just the sort of hippy talking points coming from the left. So the marketing is selling a movie that’s highly political while also trying to be very personal and intimate. It’s unclear whether the finished movie overcomes the stereotypes on display in the trailers, though.

My Cousin Rachel

As for the tone and feel of the campaign, it’s nicely consistent from one element to the next. It’s all about setting that dark tone full of blacks and oranges, all centered around a story that mixes Jane Austin-esque settings with a psychological drama about not being able to trust your own senses. It’s not going to appeal to everyone but the marketing makes an effort to reach an audience who’s looking for something a little darker and potentially sexier than superheroes and kids films.

The Mummy

There’s nothing about this campaign that presents an attractive alternative for those looking to head to the box office this weekend aside from Cruise’s star power. The story on display is threadbare and incoherent, the characters all some level of incompetence masked as a mystery. No motivation for anyone’s actions, no sense of who anyone is or why they’re acting as they are is offered at any point in the marketing with the exception of the villain’s desire to end the world as we know it. Substitute her sandstorm with a sky beam and you have any superhero movie from the last 10 years.

The Hero

Basically though the movie is sold as Elliott’s career summation. With a character that’s not far (at least not in his public persona) from the person the audience knows and by focusing on age as the major plot point, we’re meant to be drawn into him putting a cap on his filmography. If anything the marketing plays that hand a little too strongly, but still presents an interesting option for anyone who’s followed the actor to date and wants to see him bringing his easy charm to the screen.