Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

  • Not sure what the strategic marketing goal of this was, but Fandango created an 80s-style trailer that featured a laugh-track, badly color-timed photography and wild graphics to make it look like the kind of promo you might see on a VHS tape you rented from the vending machine in the grocery store entryway.
  • Director James Gunn released a series, rounded up by The Playlist, of posters that play on the design of classic movies like Goonies, Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back.
  • Dorito’s took their soundtrack-based promotion into the real world with pop-up locations in a couple cities where people could come and sing a song from the album for a chance to win some swag. That contest was available online as well.


  • The movie’s black-and-white cut is getting a limited theatrical release that’s essentially a glorified promotion for the home video, specifically the edition that will be available at Walmart and which will include that monochromatic version as part of the package.

Manchester By The Sea

  • To mark the movie becoming available on streaming, Amazon is giving every resident of the city that lent its name to the movie a free year of Amazon Prime. That’s a neat promotion in and of itself, but the real motivation behind that stunt is to generate countless headlines about it, which it did. That helped raise awareness that the movie was coming to Prime and hopefully encourage more people to sign-up for the service if they were on the fence.