When Miss You Already was being sold to the audience back in November of 2015 the studio seemed to be specifically targeting 30- or 40-something females with a story of lifelong friendship that endures even through the harshest downs life can throw at someone. The reality is a bit different, though.

In the movie Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette star as Jess and Millie, respectively, two grown women who have been the best of friends since grade school. As adults they’re both married and doing well until Millie is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. Her struggles are offset by the fact that after years of unsuccessfully trying with her husband, Jess is finally pregnant. A rift opens up between the friends that adds even more drama to the journey they’re already on.

The campaign didn’t do much to hint at the actual narrative arc of the story. It focused mainly on the good times had by and bond between the BFFs. Yes, it touches on the cancer storyline and the pregnancy, but it never goes into the aspects of the story that form much of the second half of the movie, the way they have a falling out as they find themselves going down different paths and growing apart at a key moment in their lives.

In fact the trailer seems to go out of its way to misrepresent certain key moments, including many from the second half of the film, showing them out of context in order to downplay the tension that forms and the way they grow apart during times of trouble. It shows none of that, instead presenting the movie as start-to-finish female bonding that’s full of laughs and good times and embarrassing photos and maybe a few tears as well to keep it real.

There’s an interesting journey that’s taken in Miss You Already, but a lot of it is totally missing from the marketing that sold it to theatrical audiences.