Instagram to roll out anti-harassment tools (Techcrunch, 7/29/16)

More like this, please. Instagram is obviously looking to make sure it remains a safe place for people, particularly women, to come and express themselves without dealing with the harassment that’s all too common. It’s good for Instagram and good for the internet as a whole, particularly in how it puts the tools for control in the hands of the user, not making it a company-wide fiat. Now it’s time for Twitter to do something or they’re going to watch as their product withers because it can’t provide decent moderation. 

Studies Examine Twitter’s Growing Importance In Crisis Communications (Holmes Report, 8/1/16)Oof. If you’re not monitoring Twitter for a number of keywords you’re running the very strong risk of missing out when a crisis involving your company starts to percolate. You have to keep your ears open. While you may not catch everything at a moment where it can be easily quashed or responded to, “most” is better than “none,” which is what you’ll see if you don’t have a monitoring program in place, even if it’s just tracking mentions and hashtags. Also, let’s note that Twitter still isn’t the most widely-used network but it *is* the one people turn to when they have commentary to share. 

Executives See Too Much Content, But Credible Content Still Resonates (Holmes Report, 8/1/16)

Content? Content. Content content content content. 

The Lines Between Native Advertising and Editorial Content Are Still Blurred (eMarketer, 8/1/16)

This is just the way advertisers like it since it means it’s more likely the audience will think the native ad is actually editorial content and assign it whatever trust and goodwill they associate with the publication in question. The longer this situation goes on, though, the more likely the government gets involved and starts slapping people around. 

Reddit users freak out over plan to let brands sponsor posts (Direct Marketing News, 8/1/16)

This is completely unexpected outside of the fact that it was absolutely predictable. 

Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine are taking to Quora on the heels of Trump’s AMA (Techcrunch, 8/1/16)

That’s so Democrats to bring a Quora to a Reddit fight. The advantage, of course, is that Quora seems to be offering a more controlled and “safe” environment, which is good for the candidates.