Hopefully you’re already subscribing to my TinyLetter newsletter, which lets you get Movie Marketing Madness columns via email about 90 minutes before they’re up here on the site. And if you’re not already you can sign up here to get PNConnect Weekly Reading, our regular roundup of important social media and content marketing news.

Now too you can sign up to get my Nuzzel-powered newsletter here. If you’re not familiar with Nuzzel, it’s a great tool to show you what kinds of stories, and at what frequency, the people you follow on Twitter are talking about. So via the mobile app you can get alerts when a certain threshold of your friends have shared a specific story. The best part about that is that because Twitter is a fast-moving network you can miss a lot of news and updates if you’re doing anything else or looking away from your computer or phone for any length of time. Nuzzel is basically a “Make sure you saw this because a lot of people are talking about it” service, which is super-useful.

So the newsletter is the best of my network, not my own stuff. It’s very much an example of putting other people first and linking to the things you, in this case I, don’t do best. There are opportunities to add stuff that hasn’t made it into the Nuzzel system but I’m choosing not to do that since, quite frankly, that’s not what I want to do.


One of the things I like most about Nuzzel’s new email newsletter service is that it comes with a directory of others who are similarly producing their own newsletters. Right now there are only “Featured” and “Top” sections to view other newsletters but I’d love to see the company broaden that a bit to view any and all newsletters from those I’m following on Twitter, give people the options to categorize them and then view by that category and so on.

It’s functionality I’ve long wanted from TinyLetter. They have a ton of newsletters but discovery is non-existent. With a treasure trove like that everyone would benefit from some social network-like features that let people browse by category, view past issues and so on.

For now, if you’re interested in such things, you can find my Nuzzel newsletter here and you can give it a try.