Last week Pinterest announced movie pins – and recipe pins, but let’s focus here – would be getting much more data-rich. From The Next Web:

Movie Pins will include new information like rating, cast members and reviews, which will likely keep more people on the platform for longer rather than clicking out. The number of those pins has also doubled to 33 million, according to the company.

If you’re not familiar with Rich Pins, they’re a special type of Pinterest post that include additional information that’s not part of a standard post. That additional functionality is only available to sites that have added meta-data and have successfully applied to Pinterest to be included.

pinterest rich pins

I’d say there’s an opportunity here for studios to take advantage of them, but I honestly don’t think there is. At least there isn’t without most all of them doing a serious revamp of their owned content marketing strategy. The studios don’t publish enough on-domain and in an effective enough manner to really utilize Rich Pins. If they put images on their movie sites they’re usually using a format that doesn’t translate to Pinning an image with information attached. So the opportunity here is more for the news sites that take the images that are sent to them instead.

It’s too bad since this could be a big way to drive traffic to the official sites for the movies the studios are promoting, sites that have plenty of “Buy Tickets” and “Sign Up For Updates” calls-to-action. So there’s a vested interest in the studios driving more traffic to those sites, but there’s not the content marketing mindset to actually do so consistently, a strategy Pinterest’s new Rich Pins could be a big tactic in executing against.