hash_tag_imageYesterday I wrote this post for Voce Nation about how hashtags are becoming the new taxonomy for the social web but how what was still lacking was a universal, platform-spanning search that can bring together conversations that happen on Twitter, Google+ and other social platforms.

One thing I didn’t include in that post, though, was how lacking the ability to see with, say, Facebook which posts dealt with which topics, business areas or more what brand publishing managers can do is create that sort of categorization themselves.

Personally I’ve done a bunch of work recently revising editorial calendars I manage to include this sort of information. So I’ve created headings for Topic, Business, Category and more. They vary depending on the program, but it’s an attempt to bring a little order to the chaos.

More than that it will hopefully allow me and my team to look back at a period of time and see better what we’ve published and how it matches up against some of the content goals that have been setup. So how often are we supporting X business area. How often are we appealing to X type of fan? Since that sort of bundling is missing from networks’ native insights and analytics we’ve had to do that ourselves.