New Clapton is good Clapton

clapton-306-1359473322Eric Clapton has a new record coming out:

Due on his own Bushbranch label, Old Sock will include two new originals – “Every Little” and “Gotta Get Over” – and versions of 10 of the guitarist’s favorite songs from throughout his life. The LP also includes several guests: blues legend JJ Cale lends backing vocals and guitar on “Angel,” R&B singer Chaka Khan sings back-up on “Get On Over,” Clapton’s old Blind Faith mate Steve Winwood plays organ on “Still Got the Blues” and Paul McCartney plays bass and sings on “All of Me.”

In other words, it’s more of the trend begun with 2007’s reuniting with his Cream bandmates: Clapton realizing there’s very little he has still to prove and so making some fun music with his friends, something I’m very much in favor of. I’d rather here him and his collaborators enjoying themselves by playing some old favorites and have that joy come out through the music than have him – or anyone else – feel like they need to push themselves in directions they’re not comfortable with. Good stuff can come out of that and I’m not decrying those bands or artists that still go out there with a fire in their belly. But I’m also a big fan of this kind of “Hey, let’s just do this.” attitude.