I’ve been writing a bit more for Voce Nation this week, with two new posts going up there in the last couple days.

Foursquare-500MThe first is a call to action for brand publishers in particular to think more about how they can show instead of tell with their storytelling, tapping into data visualization and other graphics to help convey what they’re trying to say.

I’m not actually talking about infographics here. Those are (when done well) fine and can be really interesting, especially if they’re designed with a specific audience in mind. More than that I think it’s data visualization that has the most potential to make for compelling brand journalism.

The second is my thoughts about a recent legal ruling that said corporate social media policies that make complaining about an employer or related business partner on social outlets a firing offense is illegal and infringes on free expression.

That’s a seismic shift in the proportion of the spread of that message. And it doesn’t even begin to take into account the fact that everything said on social platforms is assumed to be “on the record” and therefore fair game for any industry reporters who follow me. And then there’s the issue of how such gripes are seen and perceived by any current clients who follow me and who, by seeing my gripe, may have a changed sense of how the company operates that could eventually have repercussions on whether they continue to work with someone. It could also impact recruitment, new business ventures and maybe even stock price if the mix of elements is just right.

Go on over and give both some attention.