Because I haven’t completely lost the itch.

Did ‘Hunger Games’ Create A New Digital Marketing Template For Hollywood?: Maybe it’s that I wasn’t totally tuned in to this campaign but the amount of press about what were some apparently terribly original tactics seems a might over blown to me. Some OK stuff, sure, but I seem to have missed a lot of stuff that really knocked people’s socks off. Plus, while the box office has been good I haven’t seen any social marketing take those numbers to any sort of next level. Again, maybe it’s just me.

Today’s MPAA Ratings Hold Little Value for Parents: No, you can’t make an informed decision based on ratings. And you likely will never be able to because the last thing that studios want is to discourage people from seeing a movie. If you’re disappointed and appalled after seeing it, well, they already have your $12.

Movie Trailers Have Become a Main Event: This story gets written every couple years so there’s nothing really new here but it’s good to read this year’s version.

Movie tickets: Charge more for hits, less for flops, analyst urges: This is such a bad idea it’s hard to even fathom it. The sudden jump in prices that occurred when every movie starting being released in 3D caused enough audience anguish and came close enough to a complete revolt that you’d think any further discussion of tiered pricing would be dead on arrival. Creating an environment where people were unsure what the ticket price was going to be from week to week would, I’m pretty sure, complete the trend of audiences choosing home video over theatrical.

Movie recommendations and the time-shifted self: Netflix out-thought itself and essentially rendered its vaunted algorithm ineffective because behaviors involving all-you-can-eat streaming are much different than they are around physical discs that require more of a commitment.

Marketing Movie Marketing Takes Meta-Promo Too Far: Anne Thompson is *not* a fan of studios teasing the release of a trailer – a trailer – with a series of snippets and such. More specifically she’s not a fan of the movie news sites that willingly play along with and feed into this because they want the traffic that goes along with posting such things first.