Does ‘Liking’ a Brand Drive User Loyalty? – eMarketer

Limited consumer engagement with brands on Facebook suggests there may be a disconnect between the reasons why consumers actually “like” a brand and the reasons brands think consumers are “liking” their page. When the CMO Council asked Facebook users in Q4 2011 about their expectations after “liking” a brand on Facebook, the top expectation (67%) was to be “eligible for exclusive offers.”

However, when the CMO Council asked marketers what they thought it meant when a consumer “liked” their brand page, a quarter of marketer respondents answered, “because they are loyal customers.”

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It’s apparent there’s a disconnect not only between what consumers think and what marketers read into their actions (something that’s true when discussing most any sort of action that’s prompted or potentially influenced by an ad or other marketing program) but also between what consumers expect from the positive actions they take regarding brand status network profiles and what’s eventually delivered. 

Information Does Not Want To Be Free

Information content does not want to be free.  Instead, information just wants to be distributed friction-free.  Thats a big difference, and also the massive opportunity that should be at the center right now.

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Read the whole thing as it makes a lot of sense and is a well-reasoned conclusion.