Less angst, more Skrulls

Comic book movies have, to date, been very human endeavors. Even when there are more cosmic components to the story in such movies – the imprisonment and escape of Zod and his cronies and things like that – the primary stories themselves tend to focus on the human being behind the masks and under the capes. And the marketing of these movies has emphasized that.

But a couple of players in this summer’s wealth of comic-based properties on the big-screen might begin to change that.

First up is this week’s big release, Thor. While much of the marketing does indeed pull heavily from the Norse god’s time on Midgard there has been significant focus on the Asgardian elements as well.

Later in the summer is Green Lantern. Again, the “growing into the hero’s role” component of the movie has been a big part of the marketing campaign but not as big, I don’t think, as the emphasis on the character’s travels through the cosmos.

Too many comic adaptations have focused on battling personal demons or self doubt or such like that. While that kind of stuff makes for interesting drama it hardly provides for much action. It’s time for comic movies – and their attendant campaigns – to start focusing on bigger things. We need, in my opinion, for Galactus to show up for real this time.

It’s going to be essential for some of these bigger-scale movies to be introduced regularly into the mix just to keep the audience interested. We can’t be watching the same tortured anguish over and over again or this genre will wear out its welcome in short order.