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What does “indie” mean?

Filmmaker Magazine has a good story on the psuedo-indie moves being made by large studios, some of which ring more true than others.

Will entertainment check-ins ever catch on?

With so many brands angling to sign partnerships with entertainment check-in service GetGlue it’s humbling to remember, according to an R/WW story, GetGlue only just recently crossed the one million user mark. While usage is certainly on the rise I don’t think this or any other entertainment check-in app will truly break into the mainstream … Continue reading

What’s the future of commenting?

It’s hard to ignore the trend, as wonderfully articulated in this post by Khol Vinh, that the online publishing world has been moving away from long, thoughtful pieces followed by an interesting discussion either through comments on the original post or when someone else posts a rebuttal/addition/clarification on their own site. Now we have Likes, … Continue reading

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