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Movie Marketing Madness: The Green Hornet

What makes a hero? It's not powers, it's not a fancy costume and it's a cool collection of gadgets. While those certainly help with a hero's quest - whatever it is - they're not essential. What is, though, is a desire to help others and put one's one health and well-being on the line in… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: The Green Hornet


The way they were meant to be seen

For Christmas I got from my family the most recent DVD set of the original Star Wars trilogy. I're probably thinking I should have waited for the recently announced Blu-ray editions, but I wanted that set (I already had the original DVDs from 2004) because they contained not only the heavily altered Special Editions… Continue reading The way they were meant to be seen



The Bears are opening the post-season this coming weekend with a playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. I'm considering making one of those "mayor's bets" with Tom Biro. If the Seahawks win he has to stop taking pictures of himself in Starbucks everyday.. If the Bears win I get to make him stop taking pictures… Continue reading Wager


QOTD: 1/5/11

Phil Gomes: RSS (or some other syndication technology) will attain its true power and value when more apps and online experiences are transparently syndication-aware.

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Counting off-site interactions

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The theory of the brand-agnostic marketer

There have been quite a few instances over the last few years of someone in some aspect of the marketing profession honking off a current client with something they say on Twitter, in a blog post or through some other means of social self-expression. It's something just about everyone has in mind when they're publishing… Continue reading The theory of the brand-agnostic marketer


Stop your prequel whining

I agree completely with this op-ed about the Star Wars prequels. It's time to get past the whining and all that and appreciate them as (admittedly flawed) entries in the saga.


That’s my church

I'm very jealous that I didn't write this about my home church.


Make no small books

If anyone is looking for a late Christmas present for me, I'll take a huge book that's just been published that catalogs all of Louis Sullivan's existing (as of the late 1970's) architectural contributions to the city of Chicago.

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The war between the states

When I was in junior high or so - 20+ years ago - I remember the thinking being prevalent that the Civil War wasn't so much about slavery but about state's rights. It's interesting, then, that the pendulum is starting to come back around and people are pointing out that yes, state's rights were the… Continue reading The war between the states