Twitter suck

I’ll admit to be really bad, personally, at Twitter and Facebook. My Twitter updates are not filled with thought leadership, insightful commentary and general industry wisdom to share. Instead it’s usually me making fun of friends, dropping one-liners that I thought were funny when I was half-asleep and other BS. And I usually forget to cross-post to Facebook.

I’m trying really hard to care about this but just can’t get there. I know I’m doing everything “wrong,” in a sense, but it’s what I’m comfortable with. Every time I try to get serious on Twitter I wind up thinking I sound like a horse’s ass and just can’t pull the trigger on it. There are great things people are sharing on Twitter and elsewhere but I’m just more inclined to use it to let off steam and stick to being more serious-minded in my long-form writing.

So, you know, it is what it is. I guess this is mostly about expectations management, that if you think my Twitter feed is going to be an extension of “thought leadership” or some other great stuff you’ll likely be disappointed. It’s mainly driven by the many voices in my head, so that’s what you can find there.

Kind of bad, yeah

Hard not to agree with Caroline McCarthy that Vanity Fair’s feature story on some of the ladies who are popular on Twitter is pretty awful on multiple levels.