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Blu-ray players selling this season

Sales of Blu-ray players are rising steadily (New York Times, 12/14/09), which is great. And that rise is coming as the price point comes down, which anyone with even a slight grasp of product releases has seen coming. But I'm disappointed there wasn't a second page to the story that dealt with the state of… Continue reading Blu-ray players selling this season

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Ad network transition

With more publishers and media companies - the latest being CBS with its package of online properties - dropping third party ad networks I think we're seeing that those networks, which exploded like wildfire just four years ago or so, were indeed transition tools. They helped publishers monetize sooner rather than later online as they… Continue reading Ad network transition

Film Distribution


I'd love to add my voice to the chorus of those hailing Paramount over their announcement (Los Angeles Times, 12/11/09) that they would allocate $1 million from their existing production spending to foster movie projects that each cost $100,000 or less to produce. The idea is to springboard off the success of the micro-budgeted Paranormal… Continue reading Micro-focus