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Search and social media

Sorry, but I'm really surprised by the pieces I'm reading in the last couple of days about Google beginning to integrate "real time" items in its search results that talk about how now it's important to integrate search strategies in your social media plans. If you haven't taken search into consideration when you're doing social… Continue reading Search and social media

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Young adults, social networking and the workplace

Interesting study from Deloitte (Chicago Tribune, 12/10/09) that reports 58 percent of teenagers say the freedom to use social networking at work could be a major factor in deciding where to work. These kids see social network usage as an important extension and expression of who they are and so are going to be looking… Continue reading Young adults, social networking and the workplace

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Quick Takes: 12/11/09

Dora Candelaria and Charlie Pinto have been promoted at Paramount Pictures to the roles of executive directors in the national publicity department at the studio. MovieClips has launched, a site with 12,000 movie clips, most around two minutes in length, that people can search for and view for free. The site brings in clips from… Continue reading Quick Takes: 12/11/09

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Why you’ll no longer be seeing links to Variety on MMM

Because as of yesterday they erected their own pay wall. Oh sure I could still take advantage of the five free pages they'll let me view in a month, but that's just me. What about my readers? I did a quick search of MMM and found that, since June of 2004, I've written 500+ posts… Continue reading Why you’ll no longer be seeing links to Variety on MMM

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What the…

Why is the guy in this Banana Republic ad for sweaters playing a trombone outside in the middle of winter? Were there storyboards created showing what comes next, including the ride to the emergency room when his lips become frozen to that mouthpiece? Why does the woman look like there's nothing odd going on? Is… Continue reading What the…