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Here’s a thought: If you could have your television remote control or DVR box share your activity with your friends via something like Facebook Connect would you enable that functionality? We seem to have no problem sharing what we’re doing online, with some offline activity bleeding into that as well as we publish online what … Continue reading

Mulling on lifestreams

I keep playing around with the idea of “life-streaming” but have never quite embraced it the way some people, especially Steve Rubel, have. The closest I come is my FriendFeed profile, which aggregates MMM, CT.WP, Twitter, Delicious, Google Reader and a bunch of my other profiles and accounts, some of which I don’t use all … Continue reading


Mack Collier writes thusly in his post about finding the return on investment with corporate social media efforts: Some people will argue that if you mention the ROI of social media, that you have to speak in terms of dollars in, and dollars out. I’m not going to argue that point, but based on what … Continue reading

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