Social networks for movie lovers

Mashable has a good list of movie-based social networks and other similar sites, one of which I used to work for.

Lately I’ve been playing around with Flixster, in large part because I just got an iPhone and so downloaded their “Movies” app. But doing so has just caused me problems and frustrations. That’s because none of Flixster’s three main touchpoints talk to each other fully.

Action on the website does not get pushed to the Facebook App.

Action on the Facebook app does not get pushed to the website.

Action on the iPhone app can be published to your Facebook page but not to the app and not to the main website.

So there’s no central way for me to control my Flixster activity and identity unless I want to list a movie three individual times. I might be missing something but it seems like there’s too much fragmentation going on with the service and the lack of integration between the elements is slowing down my enthusiasm for it. If there’s a viable alternative that connects all these dots I’d love to hear about it.