bowling-pinsTerminator: Salvation

Warner Bros. partnered with Machinima Inc to create a machinima animated prequel to the events of Salvation. The six-episode series, released on iTunes, follows the character Blair Williams on a mission taking place two and a half years before the events of the new movie. You can view a trailer for the series here and a preview of Episode One here. The only problem I see is that it’s being released in weekly installments beginning now, when I think it would have been a better tactic to get them out before the movie hit theaters when interest was still high.

Pizza Hut’s promotion to give a free pizza to anyone named Sarah Conner or John Conner got a good amount of publicity but also might have been really smart considering there seem to be very few such-named people.

Warner Bros. is releasing comics that act as prequel lead-ups to the events of the movie that can be downloaded and viewed on iPhones or iPod Touch devices.

Angels & Demons

Sony has apologized for an advertising effort they engaged in that involved spray-paining graffitti-like ads for the movie on the sidewalks of Los Angeles. The chalk used is bio-degradable, it says, and will wash away easily, but one guy in particular is still outraged by the effort, which Sony has said it won’t use again. Seems like a pretty small issue – sidewalk ads have been pretty common in Chicago and elsewhere – but I guess they felt like an apology is necessary, though I’m not sure why.


The Newseum in Washington, DC is helping to promote the film by giving away rides in an easy-chair attached to a bunch of balloons that will take people 50 feet up in the air.