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How To: Recover a lost blog using Google Reader

In an eariler post today I mentioned that I had authored a corporate blog for Bacon's Information a couple years ago, a blog that was uncerimoniously deleted when I left there. A little later I got an IM from Rick Klau, who works at Google, telling me how I can correct my own stupidity. So… Continue reading How To: Recover a lost blog using Google Reader

A Brief Digression

You never miss something until it’s gone

I'm occasionally sent out on errands to far away lands with names like "Target" in order to hunt and even sometimes scavenge for the materials with which I can provide for my family. The goal of finding exotic items like "shampoo" or "bread" usually has me out of the house for about an hour and… Continue reading You never miss something until it’s gone

Misc Marketing

Social media marketing in 2009

Stuntdubl has a great post that outlines simply and easily a batch of reasons you need to be including social media in your 2009 marketing planning. But along with that you should read CK's reminder that social media marketing is harder than some people make is sound.

Online Insanity

Second try

Cision USA, formerly Bacon's Information, has a corporate blog. For those of you playing along at home, Bacon's had a corporate blog started and written by yours truly that was deleted shortly after I left there about two and a half years ago. One of my biggest regrets is not exporting its content before I… Continue reading Second try


Blago’s realm of possibility

"Yeah, that sounds right."