I’m so surprised that networks don’t think there are enough commercials in their online video streams and want more.

The problem is that the audience feels things are just about right. If I were the networks I’d operate these as loss leaders for now because costs have got to be falling and current ad income will likely cover those costs in a short period of time.

…For Search

My post title is the logical conclusion of that for this post by Steve Rubel. Pagerank is a good (not ultimate, but I’ll let that go) measure of online influence when it comes to search engines but it ends there. After that it depends on the content you produce to keep those that have found you hooked and A) Coming back regularly, B) Get them to subscribe to your RSS feed and/or C) Link to your blog/post. If you have a PageRank of 7 and the reader doesn’t take your opinions seriously or finds you’re blowing hot air they won’t do any of the above, meaning you’re not influential at all to them.

Page Rank is your business card, something that’s used to facilitate an initial introduction and connection. Well produced, relevant and interesting content is how you build a reputation on that foundation.

Avengers assembling on TV

The newly announced Mighty Avengers cartoon series, set to debut around the same time (2011) as the big-screen adventure, looks pretty cool. Love that they went with the original line-up (as of issue #4) as opposed to a cherry-picked “dream team.”

Bad, bad, bad

Financial markets continue to meltdown and the average person is bearing the brunt, not the monetary whiz-kids that devised this whole system of lumping mortagages and securities together into packages that were just paper, which was then secured by other paper which was then sold in exchange for other paper.

It’s quite literally a house of cards that’s collapsing here. True leadership here would be to say “Yep, it’s going to collapse and then we’ll be back into a system of actually trading real assets instead of imaginary ones.” That’s the way it works with my personal checkbook and if the financial system were built the same way we would know what real, not imaginary, prosperity was.

Just my two cents.