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A Lutheran Manifesto

The blog of The Brothers of John the Steadfast, a Lutheran organization meant to encourage men to study not only the Bible but also the Book of Concord, have put up a document titled A Lutheran Manifesto.

The document is meant to address some of the divisions, both theological and political, that have arisen in the Lutheran church, specifically the Missouri Synod, and make clear what positions are consistent with what Luther wrote all those hundreds of years ago in Wittenburg.

Addressed specifically are clarifications on what needs to be not only believed but actively confessed about Christ and his divinity, sin, the watering down of God’s truth in an effort to not offend people and much, much more. It’s a rich document that deserves to be read. Pr. Baue, the author of the Manifesto, follows the rough format of the Augsburg Confessions to lay out his points and it’s a good companion to that, addressing some issues that were taken for granted in the time of the Reformation and so aren’t specifically laid out there.


One thought on “A Lutheran Manifesto

  1. I noticed from our site that you had linked. Very nice summary and wxplanation.


    Posted by Tim Rossow | September 25, 2008, 10:59 am

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