That’s true, except I’m pretty sure it’s not

Microsoft says display ads perform better than search ads. I'm fairly certain that the balance of power has shifted to the point where search ads have a higher click rate - and more to the point brings in a higher quality of user to the advertised site. But Microsoft needs to push this narrative to… Continue reading That’s true, except I’m pretty sure it’s not

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A brief moment in the sun

Todd McCarthy on why, for a couple weeks in September, professional movie critics mattered once again. What McCarthy doesn't get around to mentioning, though, is that the definition of "professional critic" has changed in a way that can't really be undone. He seems to be talking about journalists who work for a major media publication.… Continue reading A brief moment in the sun


Missing the cross

It's great that people feel comfortable and sociable at megachurches, but they're sort of missing the point. You can be sociable at a coffee house. But the role of Christian churches is to preach the truth of Christ crucified for our sins. If that's missing then people's belief is more or less empty, turning to… Continue reading Missing the cross

Movie Marketing

New trade group brings together marketing execs

There's a new trade group of entertainment marketing professionals that's been started: The Association of Entertainment Marketing Agencies. The group consists of two dozen specialty marketing/ad/publicity shops that offer advertising and marketing services to movie studios and TV networks. One of the main objectives of the group will be a set of creative standards for… Continue reading New trade group brings together marketing execs

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DVD Review: The Foot Fist Way

Let me start off by saying this: The Foot Fist Way is a lot funnier than its marketing campaign made it out to be. The primary source of the comedy in the movie comes from the fact that no one is acting like they're in a comedy. Everyone plays it completely straight and the performances… Continue reading DVD Review: The Foot Fist Way