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That indie article

I've been wondering what to do with the asinine piece that appeared in The Hollywood Reporter that seems to hang the failure of independent movies on their inability to get a major newspaper reviewer (assuming they haven't been fired) to write about them. I had some good stuff, mostly vitriol and righteous indignation, about how… Continue reading That indie article

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Forget spending, go for enthusiasts

Ira Teinowitz has a short post up at AdAge about how political candidates aren't living or dying by their online ad spending or result-based metrics. Instead those that are succeeding are the ones with a powerful base of online enthusiasts. The same can be true of any product or brand. Yes, TV advertising is still… Continue reading Forget spending, go for enthusiasts

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Fooling around with FriendFeed

Because I'm trying to find an elegant way to create a single funnel for my entire online identity I've been playing around with FriendFeed a little bit lately. If you're not familiar with FriendFeed I'd highly recommend you read Lifehacker's post explaining it and, if you have multiple places you blog or are otherwise appearing… Continue reading Fooling around with FriendFeed

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WB chilly toward movies on Hulu

In a conversation with AllThingsD's Kara Swisher, Warner Bros. SVP Jim Wuthrich said his studio would not be providing movies to any time soon despite the appearance of WB television programming there. TV is one thing, Wuthrich says, and the site is great for showing off some shows and hopefully getting people to buy… Continue reading WB chilly toward movies on Hulu