Losing sight of the cross

The American Spectator A pretty damning portrait of the operations of Evangelical Lutheran Church of America congregations by someone who worked in the office of one such church. I'm thankful that my LCMS church is so focuses on the cross and the atonement Christ purchased by suffering on it. There's no touchy-feely "Jesus is your… Continue reading Losing sight of the cross

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Quick Takes: 8/22/07

Angela at AdRants is talking about an extremely annoying online ad for the DVD release of Wild Hogs. The ad apparently interrupted her surfing by expanding and not closing back up and launching a new window when she pressed the "Close" button. Plus the game is all about poop, so it's more than a tad… Continue reading Quick Takes: 8/22/07

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CondéNet partners with indie distributor for in-theater ads

This is kind of unique. CondeNet, the interactive arm of Conde Nast, has partnered with independent distributor Emerging Pictures for pre-show ads. Original programming that's been created for some of CN's lifestyle sites will precede the Emerging Pictures film. Those snippets will themselves contain brief ad spots. The first advertiser to sign on is Ray… Continue reading CondéNet partners with indie distributor for in-theater ads

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“That word you keep using. I do not think it means what I think you think it means.”

Dear writers and editors for mainstream news publications, Please do not label something as "viral" simply because it mentioned on a couple blogs. "Viral" should be a term we use sparingly for those instances when something gets passed around with little to no help from the marketing department. Very few of the examples in this… Continue reading “That word you keep using. I do not think it means what I think you think it means.”

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“Promise me son, not to do the things I done…”

It's kind of interesting to me that there's a story in Brandweek today about how advertisers are slowly building momentum on Facebook. It's interesting because it comes one day after I noticed, while writing up a post for my personal blog, that Sony Pictures had indeed discovered Facebook as a marketing tool. A button on… Continue reading “Promise me son, not to do the things I done…”


Full vs. partial Freakonomics

The full- versus partial-text RSS feed debate has been one that has simmered in the background of the online world for years now, occasionally flaring as people decide to make known that they're unsubscribing to X site because it's a partial feed or whatnot. The passions on this issue usually run high and everyone believes… Continue reading Full vs. partial Freakonomics