Bee Movie trailer and Cannes publicity stunt

beemoviecanne.jpgJerry Seinfeld is one magnificent bastard. To promote his new feature Bee Movie at Cannes the star donned a bee costume like the one he’s worn in the live-action trailers so far and jumped off a building. Granted he was attached to a line but that doesn’t take away from the fact that he JUMPED OFF A BUILDING IN A BEE COSTUME. That’s kind of awesome. Defamer has some pictures from the star’s brush with fate, via Getty Images.

Peter also alerts us to the fact that Dreamworks has finally created a fully animated trailer for the movie that might just be awesome. If you watch it and have the feeling that something is missing, I think I know what it is: Dumb, pop-culture laden jokes that just don’t work. In its place is actual humor of the Seinfeldian kind. It’s the most enjoyable trailer for an animated feature I think I’ve seen since the one for Curious George.