Quick Takes 5/7/07

  • Sony Pictures Releasing gave Universal McCann its $20 million planning and buying work for both traditional and online media.
  • Michael Estrin reviews the Spider-Man 3 website for iMediaConnection.
  • Film critic Bob Ross has a new reviews website for user reviews and such.
  • Italian broadband company has launched a movie rental/download-to-own site.
  • Brett Ratner is apparently unfamiliar with “irony” and is asking for spoof trailers for the MTV Movie Awards. And this on the same day there’s a new trailer for his Rush Hour 3 catastrophe.
  • PosterWire covers the issue of Emma Watson’s magically disappearing breasts.
  • Mark Cuban is bragging about a new movie theater-going concept he’s working on with his partner Todd Wagner.
  • Break.com has become the latest in a series of online video sites to sign a deal with a major producer to create an online, serialized horror film that may incorporate some user-generated material.

AdAge in 60 Seconds

  • static.jpgProcter & Gamble’s Elva Lewis pulls out the “the boat is setting sail” cliche when talking about her company’s lack of adoption of new media marketing techniques.  She then goes on to talk about how P&G will be asking customers for more information about themselves in exchange for delivering more useful marketing messages.
  • A number of big name consumer-packaged-goods companies have threatened to pull their magazine spending entirely if they don’t get issue-to-issue circulation numbers and get them quickly.
  • Awwwww….it’s a baby polar bear. Let’s slap its image on a bunch of crap.

Advertising Age

Free Comic Book Day = Awesome Saturday

I don’t usually blog about personal stuff but I’d like to say that Free Comic Day contributed to one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in a long time. I took my two boys (5 and 3) figuring they’d each pick out a comic and we’d be on our way.

Instead we arrived at the Graham Cracker’s Comics in Naperville and were informed each of us could pick out three of the comics being offered, which they had displayed nicely on the wall in back of the counter. In addition to that there was a table with some free Batman HeroClix figures and a Fantastic Four 2 movie poster.

It might seem like a little thing but this was such a pleasant experience. There’s nothing quite like exceeding customer expectations – and being extremely friendly about it, as the guys behind the counter were – to maintain that customer loyalty.

Drunk, dillusional Briton contingent accounted for

Christopher Hitchens Takes on God – Newsweek Society – MSNBC.com

Can we now hear from someone who isn’t, you know, completely fucking insane?

News does not recognize time periods

‘Chicago Tribune’ Mulling Online Evening Edition

OK, they’re on the right track. But the next is to realize that news is a constant stream, not just one or two tidal waves that can be captured by morning and evening editions. It’s not like the journalists only go out in the morning and evening. They’re out there pounding the pavement all day and night. That’s how the news is brought in and that’s how the news needs to be distributed to the public.

No kidding

Internet is driving media mating dance – azcentral.com

And here I thought it was everyone’s anxiousness to own huge, cumbersome printing facilities and distribution platforms. My mistake.

A sense of humor is a must

While at Lowe’s over the weekend we were looking at ceiling fans since we’d like to install them in both the boy’s bedrooms. I asked one of the guys in that department how easy/difficult it would be to do it himself. After showing me exactly what I’d need to purchase in order to do it (and recommending a how-to book) the guy ended the conversation by saying the following:

“You can do it. And we can help.”

My mental response – “Oh that’s getting blogged.”

LOTD: 5/7/2007

  • According to Valleywag, MySpace has acquired Photobucket. [via Mashable via Webtickle on Twitter] (TB)
  • I agree that it’s a mistake to write off older professionals in the new media realm. They often bring with them not only experience but also perspective younger people, even those who have been doing it for a while. (CT)
  • David Armano, I think, provides the best analysis of the redesign Technorati has undergone of all the write-ups I’ve seen. That’s because he actually looks at it from a user perspective, something lacking from most of the others. (CT)