Quick Takes: 4/4/07

  • Defamer says the producers of Captivity are begging the MPAA not to penalize them for the faults of AfterDark as a result of the offensive billboards displayed for the movie.
  • Posterwire weighs in on the Captivity kerfluffle as well and points out some rather glaringly silly comments by an After Dark executive who’s either out of the loop or trying to pass the buck.
  • James has online ads for both The Hoax and Black Book.
  • Adfreak passes on a brief interview with director David Lynch, who offers his thoughts on product placement in movies. [Via]
  • MDurwin tried calling the phone number that appears at the end of the Vacancy trailer and had a number of problems. He reminds marketers to make sure the system works and can handle the traffic *before* launching, not after.
  • Space.com covers the experimentation of satellite delivery of movies to theaters.
  • Jodi Harris recaps the discussion at OMMA Hollywood of media fragmentation and new delivery methods.
  • Movies that have uplifting emotional messages are becoming more popular in Hollywood. I have philosophical problems with this movement since it emphasizes “self” instead of “Christ” but that’s my issue.