LOTD: 3/19/07

  • Despite the advice BusinessWeek gives us, I find it best to jump to immediate conclusions and start panicking well before any facts are actually made known about office developments. (CT)
  • Simply based on the amount of money it receives from its existing partnership with Google, Comcast is mulling switching to Microsoft’s Live search platform. I can only assume its adopted “honking off users” as a business model. (CT)
  • The NFL apparently doesn’t actually know how to exercise its rights under the DMCA correctly. Combine that with YouTube’s shooting first and asking questions later and you have a frustrating user experience. (CT)
  • Seems this here internet thing might actually be a way to connect brands (in this case Presidential contenders) with their customer base. Huh. I should look into that. (CT)
  • Mike Manuel joins the Social Media Collective. Things with “collective” in their names always are fun to watch. (CT)
  • I always tell people that blogs aren’t just for opinion-sharing, that there is some awesome reporting going on there. The LAT covers the work being done by online folks in covering the purge of U.S. Attorney Generals. (CT)
  • Jeremy Pepper pointed me to this great post by David Binkowski, all about Twitter’s value. (TB)