• If your company is experiencing a “civil war” between old school and new school marketing types, you’re in a lot of trouble. Plus, civil wars tend to end with assassinations, be it of Presidents or Captain America. (CT)
  • It’s great that the Chicago Tribune has almost 20 blogs, but go to the paper’s front page and see if you can find where they are. (CT)
  • Happy Blog-day to Shouty Kate. (CT)
  • Don’t tell anyone, but search engines aren’t always perfect. And often those trying to run legitimate sites have more trouble getting included in results than those with ulterior motives. (CT)
  • I speak from experience here at MWW Group: Having an internal wiki makes a world of difference when it comes to information storage and retrieval, something more and more companies are discovering. (CT)
  • Slacker.com looks very cool as a way to take personalized “radio” with you wherever you go, but unfortunately the new licensing fees imposed on streaming radio will probably kill it shortly. (CT)
  • In general I like the idea of community-vetted and edited information since I think it provides an inclusiveness not found in a lot of professional productions. That being said, I think community-edited search engines are so ripe for exploitation by those with personal or professional prejudices I likely wouldn’t use them at all. (CT)
  • Watch out for blogging within Walter Reed. (TB)
  • OMG, marketers are going to social networking sites? (TB)

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