LOTD: 2/16/07

  • Google has finally made the wise decision to allow the number of subscribers using Google Reader to be counted by FeedBurner. I’m always amazed, considering how much some people seem to be in looooooooovvvvvve with Google Reader that they haven’t made a bigger deal out of the fact that Google doesn’t like opening up its subscriber numbers. (CT)
  • David Armano is being all mysterious and such. (CT)
  • DA and Karl Long also have good takes on when it comes to doing product outreach to online influencers. (CT)
  • Illinois thinks it’s a good idea to ban access to social networks in public places. Eric Tatro disagrees, as do I. (CT)
  • The Onion reports on the unscrupulous linking practices of some websites. I think this might be the most important story of the day. (CT)
  • Getting Things Done is a hot topic that many a blog covers, and now, even popular shopping blog Uncrate is in on the action. (TB)
  • Bloglines, whose blog is always one to keep an eye on for what fun stuff they’re doing, has unleashed what they’re calling The Bloglines Image Wall, built on the mass of images that come through its servers for feeds, as it happens. Link clouds and threads of what is being searched on search engines are awesome, but this has to be one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a really long time. (TB)