• The wife of Blogcritics.org founder/publisher Eric Olsen has opened up a new celebrity gossip blog for all of you to check out – GlossLip. Good luck, Dawn! (TB)
  • Mike Manuel breaks down the 90-second news cycle. (CT)
  • Trust is a valuable thing and, if the wrong thinking gets applied to maintaining it, it can become just as perverted as anything else. (CT)
  • Mike at HackingNetflix gives Blockbuster some free advice as they advertise for a Blog/Viral Marketing Manager. (CT)
  • Richard Weiner shares how one can leave a journalist a message when trying to make a pitch. Yeah, it’s not new media, but probably helpful for new media folk who don’t have a traditional PR background. [via ericeggertson on del.icio.us] (TB)
  • Not surprisingly, ISPs have, when providing information to the RIAA, “misidentified” individuals being charged with stealing music. (TB)

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