LOTD: 2/2/07

Oh sweet crikey, it’s February already? Wasn’t it January just a couple days ago?

  • Looks like former Weblogs, Inc head Jason Calacanis is starting a new company but it’s unclear as to what that’s going to wind up looking like. Knowing Jason it will certainly be interesting, though.
  • Joe Jaffe is showing off two potential book covers for his upcoming book, Join the Conversation.
  • Yes, the more mainstream media adopt RSS and other new technologies the more that will spur widespread adoption by users.
  • I would probably be more excited about the Technorati WTF new feature if it 1) Didn’t look like just another blog platform and 2) I weren’t thinking about how much the search got neglected during the development of this.
  • Another story on how Hollywood is looking to people creating their own stuff as a pool of potential talent.
  • A lot of people are on the web while they have the TV on in the background. This, as much as anything else, is leading to the problems with TV’s current advertising model – no one’s paying attention when the ads are on.
  • A bunch of smaller Web2.0 companies have created their own Super Bowl-type ads that will run on a branded YouTube channel.