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Walk, talk and learn how to interact

I want expand here on something that I started over on AdJab. I end this post by reminding advertisers that small sites should not be overlooked when they're drawing up ad plans. But there's more than that which needs to go on. Don't just leave it at advertising. Find new and interesting ways to engage… Continue reading Walk, talk and learn how to interact

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Notice how I’m not shocked

Despite the fact that blockbusters just aren't that important anymore, that's exactly what Hollywood is hoping for with this slate of releases for 2007. What are they thinking?


LOTD: Special blogging edition

I wanted to break these stories out from the regular LOTD round-up because they all center around a specific topic, that of the role of blogging in media. First is this post from Stephen Baker at Newsweek that emphasizes how telling media bloggers that they can't write about internal goings-on robs those writers of some… Continue reading LOTD: Special blogging edition

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It’s always about the distribution

Some interesting notes on how distribution models are changing in the new media world. First, Scott Kirsner is hosting a panel at Sundance on how issues of rights licensing is going to be handled as new distribution models emerge. Second, studios are still deciding whether or not it makes more sense to embrace YouTube specifically… Continue reading It’s always about the distribution

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Quick Takes: 1/16/07

The Sunshine blog updates us on the status of that movie's trailer, especially the plans for it in the U.K. Zach Braff explains on his blog why his movie Fast Track, with Jason Bateman and Amanda Peet, was pushed from January to March. Mack Collier wonders where the company was when a bunch of bloggers… Continue reading Quick Takes: 1/16/07

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More goodness from the Friends of MMM

I swear this will be my last off-topic post of the day, but a bunch of good stuff from my online buddies has hit in the last couple of days. I don't put up a Blogroll so this is my way of highlighting these folks. Mack has Episode #2 of "Mind the Gap" up on… Continue reading More goodness from the Friends of MMM


LOTD: January 16th

Quick quote from this past Sunday: "Get there...get there...YES!!!! It made it!!!! It made it!!!!" The only bad thing about the Bears winning is that someone's going to haul out the Super Fans and make us suffer through that again. If it's not Chris Farley dismissing a heart attack as a "Baker's Dozen" it's not… Continue reading LOTD: January 16th

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Bears win

One more bit of Chris Farley goodness via YouTube, this time in honor of the Bears victory this past Sunday.

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Regular posting soon

Getting back into the groove after a long weekend of relaxing and watching the Bears clinch the Divisional Championship. In the meantime let's all be glad we're not living in a van down by the river.