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Netflix is not dead, and not in a Norwegian parrot sort of way – it’s actually not dead

Yeah, sorry Robert but I agree with Dave. Just because someone came up with a cool P2P movie distribution service does not mean Netflix or even Blockbuster is dead or dying. And that all goes back to the lack of innovative thinking that the studios have done. See I think when anyone at a high [...]

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London, baby!

Do I know anyone in London? I might be going there at the end of February and couldn't think if anyone I know is over there. Meanwhile I leave you with this clip from "Friends."

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Hits, yes. Blockbusters not so much

Chris Anderson once again does a very good job of defining what he means when talking about the Long Tail and its impact on, among other things, the entertainment economy. This time he clarifies that while "blockbusters" aren't necessary (and increasingly aren't even achievable) there are and always will be "hits," or items/products that are [...]


LOTD: January 11th

Mack Collier talks about how a bad experience at a department store has led to it being used as a case study at a trade group presentation. He then asks how much the impact of this might have been lessened if someone from the company were reaching out to the community. The next election will [...]