– If you’re still wondering why people are misspelling the word “dig” by using two “g”s, Valleywag has a primer on Digg and social bookmarking in general.
– Bloggers aren’t asking for the world but when a story, like the one about the altered picture of Katie Couric , originates because of a blog writer’s sleuthing, they definitely deserve some credit when the story goes mainstream. That’s true from a journalistic point of view but also because it’s just, you know, polite. (Side note: MediaPost has precious little high-ground to stand on considering they rarely if ever link outside they’re own site. I’m just saying.)
– Former Virginia Governor – and aspiring Presidential candidate – Mark Warner is appearing in Second Life. That splashing sound you just heard may have been the shark re-entering the water.
– Constatin is right (shocking, I know) when he says communicators need to get together and come up with a clear set of guidelines for editing client-related entries in Wikipedia and most other interactions with social media. Right now this conversation is happening without us and it’s important for us to not only have a voice in the process but also show that we’re erring on the side of transparency.
– People have spent more than 9,300 years worth of time watching video on YouTube. Of course Steve doesn’t add the 5,200 hours people have spent discussing whether or not LonelyGirl15 is a fake or not.
– The L.A. Times has taken the wraps off its branded RSS reader. Called “Los Angeles Times Newspoint,” the reader comes pre-loaded with LAT and other WB-related feeds.