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Contests galore

OK, "galore" might be a bit of an overstatement for "two," but I stand by it. First, Yari Film Group is sponsoring a contest in connection with The Illusionist: "If you think you are as talented as The Illusionist then show us your best illusion and you could appear on The Illusionist DVD release displaying… Continue reading Contests galore


LOTD: 9/1/06

- If you're still wondering why people are misspelling the word "dig" by using two "g"s, Valleywag has a primer on Digg and social bookmarking in general. - Bloggers aren't asking for the world but when a story, like the one about the altered picture of Katie Couric , originates because of a blog writer's… Continue reading LOTD: 9/1/06

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Crank

Real time thrillers are hard to pull off. The suspense is defeated to some extent because the audience knows more or less exactly how much more of the movie is left and therefore spends their time plotting out in their minds where the movie is going instead of just enjoying the ride. Usually movies like… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Crank

Quick Takes

Quick Takes: 9/1/06

Two stories that touch on movie marketing, specifically as it relates to home video. All signs point to Apple having a movie download service ready to debut in the middle of this month. What's most interesting is that Apple - and the stuidos supplying the flicks - ignored the objections of Wal-Mart and will price… Continue reading Quick Takes: 9/1/06

Misc Marketing

Wells writes letters

Jeffrey Wells writes an open letter regarding to the decision by Paramount/Dreamworks to not release the thriller Zodiac at the end of December, instead opting to push it into January, 2007. He surmises, in part, that the decision was made because the studio has a raft of other potential Oscar contenders coming out and that… Continue reading Wells writes letters