Odds & Ends: 7/21/06

A couple things I’d like to pass on but just don’t know what to do with.

  • Grant McCracken calls on the movie industry to not ignore “chunky marketing” of flicks that fall somewhere between the big blockbusters and the small indie pictures.
  • A lot of marketing efforts are about to get undermined as the MPAA starts emailing ratings info.
  • Disney promoted its former marketing head to lead the studio.

The Religion War

The Dilbert Blog: 0Is The Religion War “Impossible”?

Nothing Adams’ outlines here sounds that implausible. In fact it sounds like just the sort of showdown most Islamic terrorists – and crazed Christian Evangelicals – are gunning for.

Someone recently said that the advantage in any sort of war always is with the craziest or most zealous side. In this case I think the non-Christian entity would take the cake and have that advantage. This is not going to turn out well.