Welcome to the Orwellian state

I think there's very little doubt among people who don't have their heads up their hinders that we're living in a country that is teetering ever more toward totalitarianism.  There's a number of posts and other things out there that highlight this, including the concept that the "War on Terror" doesn't really exist and is… Continue reading Welcome to the Orwellian state

Site Blather

Pimp my blog

Anybody wanna do a lot of work for little but name recognition on a movie marketing blog? I'm looking for someone to trick-out M3, pretty much from the ground up. Things I'm looking for: I'd like to keep the stuff in the nav-bar intact but don't care where it winds up. I'd like to see… Continue reading Pimp my blog

Movie Marketing

Cannes posters

JoBlo has a couple of posts collecting some of the best posters spotted in and around the Cannes Festival that just wrapped up. I can't sum up all of the movies that get spotlit but suffice it to say there are some good and some bad and then there's Rambo 4. Check out Part 1… Continue reading Cannes posters