Thanks to Mack Collier who, at BMA in one of his “what I’m reading and you should be too” posts, describes MMM as “The. Best. Niche. Marketing. Blog. Period.” That’s what I try to do – be the best in my niche. Sometimes I feel I succeed and sometimes I don’t but MMM is all about filling that niche.

Let me return the favor by saying Mack, both on his own Viral Garden blog and as part of the BMA team, puts out some of the best thought-provoking content out there. Mack is especially into consumer-generated content and shares my thinking that companies of any type need to be embracing the free marketing that fans are doing on blogs and such. He also ran a great series of posts on the marketing of female rockers.

As I’ve stated before the niche-serving function of citizen journalism and reporting is what blogs and podcasts are all about. I’m proud to be part of that community.