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Quick Takes: 3/6/06

Too much good stuff and not enough time. Shel Holtz points to a Washington Post article that emphasizes the pratical benefits to blog monitoring. Corante has a nice series of links in case you need to play catch-up on the NewCommForum that recently wrapped-up.  This is what the blogosphere was talking about while traditional media… Continue reading Quick Takes: 3/6/06

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Movie Marketing Madness Podcast: Show #4

Click over to Odeo to listen to the latest Movie Marketing Madness Podcast. I like the week-in-review format I went with for this episode as opposed to earlier shows so I'm going to try and follow this routine from here on out. There's an audio problem at about 25 minutes in so be warned. I'm… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness Podcast: Show #4

Movie Marketing Madness

Movie Marketing Madness: Failure to Launch

Sarah Jessica Parker had better figure out her next career move. Her resume pre-"Sex and the City" isn't exactly stellar (notable exceptions being her roles in Ed Wood and L.A. Story) and her work since then has been more or less trading off the success of that show. Matthew McConaughey too is in need of… Continue reading Movie Marketing Madness: Failure to Launch