The news that Google has entered into an agreement with Sony Ericsson to allow users of Sony’s mobile phones to post to their Blogger blogs from their cell phones.  As a Blogger user I’m a little honked off by the exclusivitity of this deal.  You’d think Google, which sells itself as trying to open up the web for everyone, would be a bit more open about this.  Are deals with other phone companies coming?  I would hope so since I don’t have a Sony phone and don’t plan on getting one any time soon.

What’s made the world of Web2.0 so fascinating is that the tools are available to the entire community.  I’d say Google should lead the charge on this, as it has so many other things, by opening up this functionality to all platforms.  That would be good for the company, since it would build brand loyalty, and good for the cell providers who could get all those Blogger users using their products.

(Note: The original version of this post was a bit on the rant-y side.  I’ve since come down off the caffeine buzz and made it a bit more constructive.)