Quick Takes: 2/28/06

A few things that I just don’t have the time to get into further but want to clear out of Bloglines:

  • Edmunds.com, the car information site, gets into social media with the launch of CarSpace.com.  Unfortuntely they get docked two points for an unoriginal title but more than make up for it with effort.
  • Richard Laermer gets opinionated, saying the main product of most companies is “vapor,” meaning press releases about tedious business details that have no shot of being picked up as actual news.  He has a very good point.  Most press releases, I suspect, are more about fulfilling SEC requirements than they are stories the press (or blog community) are actually interested in.
  • Yahoo will begin returning Wikipedia information along with other search results.  This is one of the reasons I love Yahoo: They’re constantly trying to make the user experience better and more fully rounded.
  • Thought this was interesting enough to mention: Bally Fitness is taking the Web2.0 approach to health management by launching BallyNutrition, an online system for managing what you eat based on your own input.  There’s also the Bally Total Health Handbook that you can download here. (via Tom Biro, who works at MWW, which represents Bally. It’s all about disclosure.)